Public Safety Canada’s Webinar Series 2023: Education and Awareness of Human Trafficking

Hosted by Public Safety Canada, 2023


Public Safety Canada hosts an annual webinar series on combatting human trafficking as part of the National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking.

The 2023 series was held from January 2023 to March 2023. A total of 632 participants from different sectors and levels of government across Canada attended. The webinars had two main goals:


Please be aware that the information and opinions presented in this report may not reflect the Government of Canada’s official stance on human trafficking or related issues.   

Content Warning

This report contains information and details about human trafficking, which can be upsetting and challenging to read for some readers.

If needed, you can contact the Government of Canada’s mental health supports or the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-900-1010.

Main Themes from the Webinar Series

Public Safety Canada organized three webinars to examine human trafficking with key experts:

Each webinar focused on a different topic related to human trafficking, there were three common themes that surfaced:

1. Human trafficking is a complex crime that involves the powerful exploiting the less powerful.

2. Technology can be used both to help and hinder human trafficking.

3. The needs of victims and survivors must be at the center of addressing human trafficking.

Webinar 1: Addressing the Root Causes of Human Trafficking in Youth - February 9, 2023

Discussion Highlights

Presentation 1: Human Trafficking, Power & Control - Zina Chernowas, SPARK Program Manager, The Salvation Army Illuminate

Presentation 2: Implications of Technology in Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking - Dr. Jennifer Martin, Associate Dean and Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University

Presentation 3: Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. - Samantha Harris, Director of Healing Programs, Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.

Webinar 2: Identification and Support of Victims of Labour Trafficking in Canada, Current Trends and Best Practices - February 23, 2023

Discussion Highlights

Presentation 1: Identification and Support of Labour Trafficking Victims: Current Trends and Best Practices - Jim Cruess and Veronica Puls, Assistant Crown Attorneys, Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario

Presentation 2: Supporting Victims through the Trial Process - Michelle LeBlanc, Victim/Witness Services Worker, Victim/Witness Assistance Program Ontario

Presentation 3: Supporting Victims Outside of the Court Process - Shelly Gilbert, Coordinator of Social Work Services, Legal Assistance of Windsor

Webinar 3: Technology-Facilitated Human Trafficking- March 9, 2023

Discussion Highlights

Presentation 1: Investigation of Multi-Jurisdictional Human Trafficking Cases - Julie Jones, Founder and CEO, Human- Intelligence Services

Presentation 2: Cryptocurrency as a Facilitator of Human Trafficking - National Cryptocurrency Coordinator, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Presentation 3: Technology Infused Human Trafficking - Matt Richardson, Director of Intelligence and Investigations, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

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