FC3 Anti-Money Laundering Conference: Opening Remarks from Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino

December 3, 2021


Hello everyone.

It's an honour to join you today from my virtual spot on the traditional territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe people here in Ottawa.

It's also an honour to welcome you to our FC3 Spin Cycle Conference. 

As a former crown prosecutor, I am familiar with the challenges that money laundering brings and I can assure you it is a crime this government is committed to ending.

This crime continues to pose a threat to Canada's national security and the integrity of our financial sector.

It also threatens Canadians' safety, security and quality of life.

That's why, since 2019, our Government has provided over $220 million to anti-money laundering efforts, including strengthening legislation, and investing in law enforcement and technology to support investigations.

My team will be learning right here along with you this week.

We know that money laundering is a complex and significant problem facing countries around the globe.

Canada has not been immune.

It is imperative we work together and learn from each other to tackle this growing problem in our country.

This week presents an opportunity to hear from over 50 money laundering experts and, more importantly, to hear from all of you in attendance. 

We invite you to share your own experiences, ask questions and share your feedback throughout the week. 

Your attendance and participation signals the commitment that this government and our enforcement partners have to taking action against organized crime, and to lessening the threat this poses to economic security and safety of all Canadians. 

We are grateful for your ongoing work in this space and hope you will join us as we work towards building our expertise and capacity to tackle this important issue.

Thank you for supporting our new Financial Crime Coordination Centre, or – FC3 as it's known – which is looking to partner with all of you on how to best navigate Canada's legislative framework, and better supporting the good work that is being done and carried out across our country. 

I hope you enjoy the week and I look forward to the ideas, outcomes and recommendations that you will provide. Thank you.

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