Emergency Management Planning

Natural disasters, pandemics, cyber incidents and terrorism can all cause emergencies in Canada. Emergencies can quickly escalate in scope and severity, cross jurisdictional lines and take on international dimensions. Emergency Management Planning can save lives, preserve the environment and protect property by raising the understanding of risks and contributing to a safer, prosperous, sustainable, disaster resistant and resilient society in Canada.

Emergency Management is a core responsibility of the Government of Canada and a collective responsibility of all federal government institutions. This is why Public Safety Canada is taking steps to promote a coordinated approach and more uniform structure to the management of emergencies by providing guidance to federal government institutions on how to develop  emergency management plans. A coordinated approach to emergency management planning will strengthen the Government of Canada's capacity to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from major disasters and other emergencies.

The Emergency Management Planning Guide supports federal institutions in meeting their responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act to prepare and maintain mandate-specific emergency management plans. The Guide provides the framework for federal government institutions to undertake mandate-specific all-hazards risk assessments and planning activities within all four integrated functions of emergency management:

The Emergency Management Planning Guide – How to Develop a Strategic Emergency Management Plan (SEMP)

The Emergency Management Planning Guide supports the implementation of the Federal Policy for Emergency Management and the Emergency Management Act (2007). The Guide provides step-by-step instructions of the planning process across the four pillars of Emergency Management Planning. It is the key tool designed to help federal institutions meet their responsibilities with respect to the management of emergencies.

The Emergency Management Vocabulary

The Emergency Management Vocabulary fosters interoperability and promotes the use of standard emergency management terminology for all federal government institutions and at all levels of government in Canada. Developed by Public Safety Canada in collaboration with the Translation Bureau and Defence Research Development Canada, the Vocabulary lists over 200 terms and definitions for concepts, which are used in emergency management publications as well as in operational and research contexts.

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